No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Sydney: More Painless Way to Sterilisation

“Vasectomy first gained public attention in the early 1900’s as a means for “eugenic sterilization”, or the sterilisation of men who were considered “defectives” or “socially undesirable” in some European countries. The use of vasectomy for family planning gained recognition in the 1930’s, and has since become a popular birth control method all over the world. In Australia, a vasectomy in Sydney and other places is performed in one out of every 4 men each year.

Vasectomy involving incision has always been considered an effective and inexpensive contraception method, but has turned away many men who were anxious about the resulting pain and bleeding. In 1974, NSV was developed in China by Li Shunqiang as a response to fears regarding incision vasectomy. Since then, over ten million Chinese men have undergone NSV.”


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